Why (my) research matters: Marc Górriz Blanch.

By Gabriela Sanseverino

Our ESRs try to answer the hardest question that plagues a PhD: why their research matters. And mostly, why you should care about it. Today we look at work of Marc Górriz Blanch.

Techy Marc Górriz Blanch is bringing new insights to the Production of New Content Forms, as part of the work package of new news practices. He is the ESR version of a double major, conducting his PhD at the Insight Center at Dublin City University, while also integrating the Research and Development team at BBC.

From the perspective of social sciences, it can be pretty hard to grasp his work with colorisation, but we are gonna do our best to make it so even his grandma (which I can verifiably say it’s a sweetheart and could not be prouder of his PhD) can understand it.

Colour technologies have been essential in modern image and video processing systems, playing an important role in the broadcasting industry – an essential part also in the history of BBC, partner in this project and home to much of Marc’s work.

The constant evolution of the industry towards digitalisation has driven the establishment of new computer vision disciplines from the assistance of content production to the efficient distribution to the broad audience. The requirement of colour reproduction has been a priority all along the process, such that the design of new colour imaging systems relied on maximising human perceptual plausibility.

All in all: improving the process of colorisation of images and videos are essential for the progress of digital technologies. And Marc’s research investigates improved colour processing techniques based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to implement them efficiently into existing broadcasting pipelines.

As for a fun fact… I may be bias, being his fiancé (and is less then two week wife), however I think it’s fair to say the JOLT affected his life beyond research and work perspectives. Perhaps not the type of collaboration the project had in mind when it started, nonetheless a very successful one, resulting not only on a wedding, but also in a idea for new AI solutions for newsrooms, developed alongside ESR Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos.

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