Overview of JOLT training

All Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will attend network wide training events, which are targeted at developing practical skills for digital journalism (e.g. data visualisation), transferrable skills (e.g. project management), and research skills (e.g. data analysis). In addition, summer schools will focus on key theoretical perspectives, and have the opportunity to engage with experts and peers from different backgrounds working on related topics. Note: the dates below are subject to change.

Industry Workshops:

  • Data Visualisation (January 2019 Dublin)
  • Investigative Ethics and UGC Verification (June 2019 Pamplona)
  • Mobile Journalism (January 2020 Paris)
  • Newsroom Analytics (May 2021 Toulouse)

Transferrable Skills Seminars:

  • Communication and Project Management (June 2019 Pamplona)
  • Career Development Pathways & Job Seeking (January 2020 Paris)
  • IP Management and Entrepreneurship (January 2021 London)

Research Skills Seminars:

  • Research Methodologies and Ethics (June 2019 Pamplona)
  • Data Analysis (June 2020 Thessaloniki)
  • Writing and Exploitation (May 2021 Toulouse)

Summer Schools:

  • Business Perspectives (June 2019 Pamplona)
  • Political Perspectives (June 2020 Thessaloniki)
  • Platform Perspectives (May 2021 Toulouse)

Project Members


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This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No 765140