Evaluating social media platforms’ compliance with European Commission-mandated transparency reports

By Charis Papaevangelou The previous decade saw the rise of technology giants, so-called “Big Tech”; along with them rose the responsibilities they carried and the critical voices demanding scrutiny and better accountability. One of the ways that Big Tech companies and, in particular, social media platforms have been trying to fend off regulation is through […]

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Open Research Europe: the existential stakes of platform governance

Today we look at the process of publishing peer-reviewed research through ESR’s Charis Papaevangelou first solo authored papered, with a debate on the political economy of digital platforms. […]

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Are audience metrics shaping the future of journalism?

Sophie Chauvet investigates the objectivity of metrics and finds the actors involved in this game of numbers. […]

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Digital News Report 2021

It is that time of the year again: when journalists, news organizations and academics stop to read and discuss the launch of the new Digital News Report, which is now on it’s 10th edition.  […]

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Journalism, Data & Technology in Latin America

JOLT collaboration launches book about Journalism, Data and Technology in Latin America. […]

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What cognitive science can tell us about irrationality and bias

Jolt researcher Elina Makri (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) has published an article on RTÉ Brainstorm about “What makes people act irrationally?” Elina interviewed cognitive scientists to understand how irrationality and bias influence the way we perceive the world. […]

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Jolt Presentations at ICA 2021

Jolt ESRs will deliver five presentations at the annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference. The ICA conference is a leading venue for research on communications, media, and journalism. ESRs also presented their work at ICA pre-conferences on Digital Media in Latinx and Latin America and the Journalism Studies Division Graduate Student Colloquium. The Three Spheres of […]

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France, Australia, Silicon Valley, and the Political Economy of Online Platform Regulation

By Charis Papaevangelou Two recent developments concerning the online distribution of news revealed the shortcomings of platform regulation.  The first development was when French publishers (General Information Press Alliance or APIG, an industry association of daily press companies, national and regional) struck a deal with Google meant to reimburse them for the use of their […]

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The future journalism is collaborative

By Rayana Zapryanova Lucia Mesquita is a Jolt researcher whose research is focused on Collaborative Journalism. She aims to understand how collaborations work in practice, what are the best practices for collaborative journalism, and how various stakeholders perceive collaborative journalism. Collaborations are usually done when the investigating process has bigger requirements than a media outlet […]

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