Journalism, Data & Technology in Latin America

By Gabriela Sanseverino

The new book launched by Palgrave Macmillan, edited by JOLT supervisor Ramón Salaverría and ESR Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos, Journalism Data & Technology in Latin America, explores innovative approaches to digital and data journalism, brought by both legacy media and newcomers to the industry, with the purpose of examining this changing media landscape.

The work, which arose with a collaboration between Salaverría, JOLT ESRs Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos, Giuliander Capers da Silva, Lucia Mesquita, Gabriela Sanseverino, and researchers Kamila Bossato and Sílvia Maria Corzo, fills a significant gap in academic scholarship by addressing the multiple external factors, mainly political and economic, which have contributed to the relative lack of studies on the patterns of journalism in this region.

Going beyond the west-centric perspective often taken in academia, the book is important addition our understanding of digital journalism, as well as a must-read for those interested in journalism in Latin America.

As part of the Global South, Latin America has shown significant influence in the promotion of data and digital technologies applied to journalism in recent years. In this region, news entrepreneurs are becoming an essential source of innovation in news production, circulation, and distribution.

The book considers news media, particularly in Latin America, as an open set of practices intertwined in the evolution of technology. It discusses the transformation of the Latin American news media ecosystem and considers how it has shaped the industry despite local differences.

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