Jolt Presentations at ICA 2021

Jolt ESRs will deliver five presentations at the annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference. The ICA conference is a leading venue for research on communications, media, and journalism. ESRs also presented their work at ICA pre-conferences on Digital Media in Latinx and Latin America and the Journalism Studies Division Graduate Student Colloquium.

The Three Spheres of New safety
Lucia Mesquita (DCU) and Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV) present an analysis of political watchdog reporting and the risks encountered by small news media organisations. Focusing on three major journalistic investigations in Latin America (Car Wash, TelegramGate, and Car Leaks), they use interview data to examine the strategies applied to secure information and data, safeguard the lives and wellbeing of professionals, and secure the organisation itself.

Data Journalism Beyond Technological Determinism
Lucia Mesquita (DCU) and Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV) analyse the practice of data journalism in Latin America. They draw on the literature on data journalism, media management, and sociology to argue that Latin American professionals are distancing themselves from technological determinism to embrace a more audience-centric innovation in newsrooms.

A Field Theory Perspective on the Impacts of Automated Journalism on Media Practitioners
Alessio Cornia (DCU) and Samuel Danzon-Chambaud (DCU) demonstrate the relevance of Bourdieu’s Field theory in examining the deployment of automated news. They introduce a theoretical tool that can be used to analyse newsroom innovation.

Drawing Ideas from Stories
Gabriela Gruszynski Sanseverino (UPS), Marc Górriz Blanch (DCU), and Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV) present a multimodal pipeline combining different AI-based solutions to automatically generate visual content based on the textual analysis of media stories. Their experiment adds to a growing corpus of research and practical approach by showing how AI can be applied to journalism and finding a “healthy” application of deep fakes in the industry.

Collaboration as Social Capital for Social Justice
Kamila Bossato Fernandes (Universidade Federal do Ceara), Lucia Mesquita (DCU) and Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV) present findings from interviews with 30 Latin American journalistic initiatives. They examine the meanings of collaboration as one of the main strategies used to expand the space of these media among the public.

ICA pre-conferences on Digital Media in Latinx and Latin America
Together with Ramón Salaverría (UNAV), Giuliander Carpes (UPS), Lucia Mesquita (DCU), Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV), and Gabriela Gruszynski Sanseverino (UPS) presented papers at the ICA pre-conference including a panel on their book Journalism, Data and Technology in Latin America. Giuliander Carpes (UPS) also presented his study on WhatsApp and journalism.

ICA Journalism Studies Division Graduate Student Colloquium
At the colloquium, Giuliander Carpes (UPS) presented “The political economy of news dissemination on instant
messaging applications”, Gabriela Gruszynski Sanseverino (UPS) presented on “An Investigation into the Reader’s Presence on news sites: a comparative analysis of User- Generated Content in media organizations from eight countries”; and Mathias Felipe De-Lima-Santos (UNAV) presented on “Towards the ‘gold standard’ in Brazilian Data Journalism:
An analysis of the national award”

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This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No 765140