Data Journalism Roadmapping: A Conceptual Approach to Embrace Data Storytelling Formats in the Journalism Business Model

by Mathias-Felipe de-Lima-Santos During these more than ten years, data journalism has had to adapt and change to embrace technological trends and evolutions in recent years. Thus, data journalism has drawn significant attention in academic literature and industry practices. Furthermore, the pandemic brought a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for data journalism. Some […]

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WhatsAppening to the news? How WhatsApp is used to distribute news and engage audiences in Brazil.

Ever wonder WhatsAppening to the news? Digital applications such as WhatsApp are continuously being used to distribute news and engage audiences by news organizations, and two of our ESRs, Giuliander Carpes and Enric Moreu, present on their site how 14 companies in Brazil are currently using the platform. […]

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