Branding Data Journalism: giving a soul to data storytelling

By Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos, University of Navarra We are seeing during this coronavirus outbreak, some media outlets are able to leverage the use of data and technology in time to produce more ambitious stories beyond global death toll and infection rates. This pandemic will change our future using data, as publishers have shown […]

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Publishers are using messaging apps for news distribution at least since 2014. Why is their usage still experimental or secondary to other platforms?

By Giuliander Carpes da Silva, ESR at Université de Toulouse III Paul Sabatier Recently, WhatsApp became the second application in the world to reach 2 billion monthly users, only after its parent company Facebook. Messenger is not so far behind with 1.3 billion monthly users. Telegram is emerging as an important competitor with 400 million […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the highest metrics of all?

Questioning the power relations behind audience metrics in journalism By Sophie Chauvet, ESR at What do fields such as academia, health, police and journalism all have in common? Metrics. Ubiquitously imbricated in the fabric of our professional lives, these statistics are thought to possess a wide range of defining abilities: at times unlocking rewards […]

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