Do you want to join our dynamic research team?

The JOLT Action has an exciting opportunities for two junior researchers (Early Stage Researchers) to join the JOLT action at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki! The Media Informatics Lab, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is offering two research associate position (equivalent to Early Stage Researcher career stage) to develop […]

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Collaborative Journalism

A model to conceptualise, typify and criticise the phenomenon By Lucia Mesquita, ESR at Dublin City University This thesis aims to conceptualize, typify and criticize the models and types of collaborative journalism. The present research focuses on the everyday media practices of journalists and other professionals that are part or are conducting collaborative efforts in […]

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Final preparations for JOLT Training in Paris

The next of the JOLT training events and consortium meetings will take place in Paris during the first week of February. The event will include specialist network-wide training for all our ESRs, talks by invited speakers and an opportunity for our ESRs to present their work to the wider consortium and receive detailed feedback. The […]

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Full steam ahead for JOLT training in Pamplona

The next of the intensive training events for the JOLT Action will take place at the University of Navarra (UNAV) in Pamplona, Spain, from 02 to 05 July 2019. The event includes a number of workshops and training components, as well as the Action’s Mid Term Check with the European Commission. Over the course of […]

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EU-US Young Leaders Seminar: An engineer’s view into the changing media landscape

JOLT Researcher, Luka Murn, reflects on his participation in the Fullbright Schuman Programme’s EU-US Young Leaders Seminar on “Shared Transatlantic Challenges: Disinformation & the Changing Media Landscape”: As one of the few engineers among the participants of the EU-US Young Leaders Seminar, I had a distinct and refreshing experience discussing current pressing topics of disinformation […]

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Young leaders discuss fake news and media literacy at EU-US seminar

By Samuel Danzon-Chambaud How can you tell Americans apart? Perhaps if after five minutes of talking you know everything about them. Their pets, their favourite movies, last year’s vacations… Everything. This is what a Canadian friend once told me, and sure, it sounds like an overstatement. But I give him that: Americans are usually very […]

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How Open Data Can Help Journalism

By Mathias Felipe & Clara G. Tosat On 1st March, Esther Huyer, part of the team behind European Data Portal (EDP), gave a presentation for University of Navarra about open data in journalism. EDP shares information about tools that are useful for open data, and platforms for journalists and researchers. The EDP team is working […]

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CrossCheck vs. Disinformation: A Fact-Checking Recipe for Collaborative Success

By Sophie Chauvet In 2017, as a member of an alliance uniting 100+ journalists, I took part in the battle against “fake news” for CrossCheck during the French presidential campaign, as a journalist and a researcher. Our weapons? Fact-checking, collaboration, and reaching out to the audience. The research report that followed suggested some positive impact on journalists and […]

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