Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the highest metrics of all?

Questioning the power relations behind audience metrics in journalism By Sophie Chauvet, ESR at SAMSA.fr What do fields such as academia, health, police and journalism all have in common? Metrics. Ubiquitously imbricated in the fabric of our professional lives, these statistics are thought to possess a wide range of defining abilities: at times unlocking rewards […]

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Coronavirus and Redemptive Solutionism

By Charilaos Papaevangelou As the first global wave of confinement is drawing to an end, with European countries planning the best strategies to opening societies and economies, another interesting story is shaping. One of the most discussed aspects of the “de-confinement” endeavour is how we are going to trace human contact to avoid a dramatic […]

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Automatic colourisation with Machine Learning

By Marc Górriz Blanch Archived broadcast content such as previously broadcasted shows, and historical event coverage is of relevance to journalism to support incoming news stories, and provide context to current events. JOLT partners BBC R&D are investigating how to harness such visual content through automatically enhancing the colour using some of the most recent […]

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And Suddenly They Wanted to be Regulated: Big Tech meets the new European Commission

by Charis Papaevangelou “EU rejects Facebook’s proposal for online regulation” reads the headline of a Financial Timespiece[1], published shortly after Facebook’s CEO meeting with EU executives in Brussels on February 17. In recent years, and especially after the sweeping GDPR framework, European Commission has gained the fame of the strict, no-nonsense regulator, making Big Tech […]

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EBU workshop: ‘AI in production and distribution’

By Marc Górriz Blanch & Luka Murn On November 27th and 28th, we attended the “AI in production and distribution” workshop organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) at the BBC’s MediaCity facilities in Manchester. Under the scope of the world’s leading alliance of Public Service Media (PSM), this workshop explored how AI is changing […]

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